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    The Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District's public hearing on the proposed GMA-12 DFC's WAS HELD on Thursday, June 10, as an online meeting. The Water Defenders were there and commented; thank you to the numerous folks who tuned in and to those who commented! YOU HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE YOUR COMMENTS:


    The Board discussed after the hearing about whether a Zoom hearing kept folks from participating -- the Board has now announced, with our thanks:


    Comments on the Proposed 2021 Desired Future Conditions for all of the Districts’ aquifer will be received through July 26, 2021. Comments will be taken by email, regular mail, or at the next Regular Board Meeting on July 8, 2021

    (at 2 p.m., in Hearne).


    Go here for details for July 8 meeting.


    Go here for details and tips on submitting

    written comments.


    For more information from the District, please contact aday@brazosvalleygcd.org

    or call 979-279-9350.



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    Uniting Land, Water

    and Community


    A coalition of organizations that bring together the strengths of land, water, and community to advocate for a sustainable future by protecting the life force that unites us all — WATER

  • Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund

    The mission of the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund (SAWDF) is to take action to protect and conserve the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in central Texas, as well as the rivers, streams, and springs that are nurtured by it, and to defend the rights of those who live 

    over the aquifer and who seek to leave a legacy of sustainable 

    water resources for future Texans.


    SAWDF brings landowners together to advocate for the sustainable management of the groundwater they own beneath their soil ~~they look to their groundwater conservation districts for this management, as a part of groundwater districts' mission to protect local water supply.


    Environmental Stewardship

    Environmental Stewardship (ES) works to protect and preserve the Texas Colorado River, associated aquifers, and the bays and estuaries of the Texas Gulf Coast by combining its first-hand knowledge 

    of the waterway with an unwavering commitment to the rights 

    of the community, to the ecological health of waterways 

    and aquifers, and to the rule of law.


    Environmental Stewardship is a Waterkeeper Affiliate of the Waterkeeper Alliance. ES brings together the sciences of surface water, groundwater, and ecology to advocate for the sustainable co-management of our surface and groundwater that, together, provide the water for our life-supporting ecosystem.


    Both coalition members are Texas nonprofit corporations and qualified 501c3 organizations.


    The Water Defenders' current campaign:

    Groundwater Management Area 12 (GMA-12) has proposed Desired Future Conditions that unreasonably impact you, your land, your property rights, your community, and your environment. 


    The Water Defenders ask you to ask every groundwater district in GMA-12 to reject the proposed DFC and adopt DFCs that achieve the required balance between conservation and protection of our aquifers, versus development of our aquifers

    Two-thirds of the five districts --- three districts --- must vote to reject the proposed DFCs to keep them from becoming final DFCs for the next five years. If districts "kick the can" and say they can always "fix" them five years from now, don't count on that! That has not been the track record in prior 5-year periods -- drawdowns have become worse, not better.


    GMA-12 Member Districts are pictured above and include:

    Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District 

    (Brazos and Robertson counties; brazos )

    Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District

    (Milam and Burleson counties)

     Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District

    (Lee and Bastrop counties)

     Fayette County Groundwater Conservation District 

     Mid-East Groundwater Conservation District

    (Freestone, Leon, and Madison counties)


    These five districts are in the process of "setting the desired future conditions" (DFCs) -- defined as "how much drawdown in our aquifers we will tolerate over the next fifty years", in the ten counties over which they have regulatory authority.


    GMA-12 districts set their DFCs every five years, in each aquifer, and in each formation within the aquifers underlying their counties. For example, separate DFCs are set for each formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, including the Carrizo, Calvert Bluff, Simsboro, and Hooper formations.


    Go here to see a summary of the DFC process, and how we will be affected by it from SAWDF's point of view.


    Go here to read Environmental Stewardship's description of the process.


    The districts of GMA-12 have now proposed what they intend to adopt as the DFCs that will be in effect from 2022 until 2027 when the DFCs will be updated again. All districts must act to adopt final DFCs no later than January 5, 2022.


    The proposed DFCs will give big pumpers 100% protection, and 0% protection to our aquifers, our domestic and livestock wells, and to our rivers, streams, and springs.



    If adopted, here's how SAWDF represents what GMA-12 has proposed:


    And here is a handy summary of the water policy at stake and how the alternative DFC's SAWDF and ES, along with the League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV), another dedicated advocate for our aquifers, have proposed differ from GMA-12's proposed DFCs:

    Get more information on these important management and policy issues here.


    Get  info on all DFC hearings and how to submit comments during the 90-day comment period (whether or not you are able to attend in person ~~ but it's always more impactful if the districts' boards see an audience in front of them).  


    Check our Water Alerts at the top of this page for the most current hearing information.


    ***The RESOURCES section below has a great example of a written public comment.*** 

    Check RESOURCES for links to other information, too.


    The Water Defenders Coalition is asking you to get informed, get involved, and donate to our two organizations to enable us to continue delivering this message to all GMA-12 districts:


    "You must reject the proposed DFCs because they will unreasonably impact our groundwater, our communities, and our rivers, springs, and streams. You still have time to do what the law requires you to do: achieve a balance between conservation and protection of our precious natural resources --- our groundwater and our surface water systems ---and development of those resources."


    Please bookmark waterdefenders.org to come back to this page for SAWDF and ES updates on GMA-12/Desired Future Conditions.


    We also thank you for going to the DONATE page on this website to donate to SAWDF, and to the CONTACT page to talk to us and sign up for our NEWS blog updates.


    Please bookmark Environmental Stewardship's important GMA-12 information page and their GMA-12 contacts page

    And we thank you for going to ES's DONATE page, where you can donate and also subscribe for updates.


    It is very important that both organizations have your contact information --- email and phone, please!!

    And remember that the League of Independent Voters of Texas, a Texas nonprofit and 501c4 organization, always helps us with outreach --- they make calls for us and include us in their newsletters, for example.


    LIV is having a special event on June 27, 6-8 p.m. at the Paige Roadhouse.



    Water Defenders Coalition will be there to help with comments to groundwater districts for the DFC process, and LIV will provide the FUN!



    Water Defenders will update this page throughout the public comment period, which ends no earlier than July 26 ~~ we believe it may be extended but no assurances, so please, work on your comments and check back on this page for hearing information.

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