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    First things first, a big thank you to all who answered the WaterDefenders.org call to action on the Desired Future Conditions~~ the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District has spoken on the DFC ~~SAWDF's thank you is posted below and on our Facebook page.




    And thank you in advance for DONATING, to assist SAWDF's ability to continue operating, in order to tackle important issues like the Desired Future Conditions (the 2022-2026 planning period has already begun!); the Lower Colorado River Authority permit, and the 2022 "interim" legislative session, where water issues are prominent. But we also intend to do more, because we believe Texas is at a critical crossroads in its water policy, and our aquifers and surface waters are in even more peril if we don't get growth and development "right".



    Getting it right involves two things when it comes to assuring water is there for our grandchildren ~~ "resilience" and "sustainability" of our natural resources.



    Please read these important reports about the sustainability -- or lack thereof -- of our state's aquifers: One report written by an eminently qualified water expert, Dr. Robert Mace of the prestigious Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, and the other from Environmental Defense Fund's Texas water group.



    We were already inspired to expand our ability to address protecting our aquifers and the private property rights of landowners in the groundwater beneath them. These reports have spurred us to increase our operating funds to augment our public outreach and advocacy, and our educational efforts for young and old.



    Andy Wier's home school presentations this past year were a great success, but they are only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with sufficient funding. We are counting on our perennial grassroots funders like you, and in turn increasing our appeals for matching funds from funders who favor assisting organizations like ours who represent, and receive support from, ordinary citizens and landowners. Thank you in advance for your continued support.



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    SAWDF board member, Andrew Wier spearheaded SAWDF's response to the proposed 2022-2027 Desired Future Conditions, in all five member districts of Groundwater Management Area 12, and continues to lead our efforts at GMA-12 and in local groundwater districts. Please check the NEWS blog for updates (and subscribe to receive them directly). 

    Andy is also involved in our educational outreach to younger stewards of our water and our land. Thank you, Andy!

    Here is Andy back in October 2021 teaching a science class for home-school students, sponsored by Pines & Prairies Land Trust and taught by Lost Pines Master Naturalists. [Andy is a Master Naturalist] 

    Andy reported that this class was all about groundwater. Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District provided the groundwater flow model (thank you to LPGCD!).

     It was a hit with the students and helped them grasp recharge, discharge, groundwater flow, relationship with surface water, and impact on each from pumping.

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    SAWDF is seeking to expand its outreach and education programs, along with its advocacy and other support for aquifers, local groundwater-dependent communities, and landowner property rights in their groundwater ~~ please continue your generous donations to enable our grassroots funding component when we apply for matching grants to help finance this important work. 

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