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    LCRA Hearing at SOAH in 2019

    The Judges have ruled - now it's up to the Lost Pines District

    The Contested Case Hearing for LCRA is over, the Judges have deliberated, and Lost Pines District must now continue its public hearing before making their final decision

    Stay tuned for updates -- there has been another delay in setting the continuation of the hearing.

    Save the date!

    June 27, 6-8 p.m. at the Paige Roadhouse ---come and have some fun while you learn how to make your voice heard in the DFC Process.

    More info to come.

    The regular 2021

    legislative session is over ~~ what can we say about that?

    All we can say is, most important water legislation was held hostage to legislative and political agendas...

    We're still thinking about it, but it's a cinch nothing important for the future of our water was done, or will be done in a special session in this particular political climate.

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