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    You can even get a yard or 4x4 yard sign when you donate --- you will help get the word out and help the LCRA FUND at the same time! We are asking for a donation amount of at least $10 for yard signs and $40 for fence signs -----call Jeannie at 512-333-0252 or simsboro@fastmail.com to order your signs ~~we will appreciate it if you can pick up your signs but we can work with you to deliver, if necessary. See important information about your donation below.

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    you may send a check to this new address:

    SAWDF * 1290 CR B * Lexington, TX 78947


    Recurring donations are encouraged ---and you may earmark your donation with special instructions on the PayPal page or by marking your check, with "General Fund", "End Op Fund" or "LCRA Fund". SAWDF will be notified by PayPal of all special instructions.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: SAWDF accepts earmarked donations for specific purposes designated by SAWDF in its sole discretion. SAWDF currently has designated the funding of the General Fund, the End Op Fund and the LCRA Fund, to the extent of donated funds for specific purposes. The General Fund provides greatly needed general operating funds to keep this all-volunteer organization thriving for education, outreach, advocacy and legislative affairs. The General Fund receives all undesignated donations. The End Op Fund and the LCRA Fund, respectively, will defray the expenses incurred by SAWDF directly or determined by SAWDF to be qualified expenses of landowner protests and litigation for the End Op and LCRA groundwater permits. SAWDF reserves the right to add additional earmarked Funds, and any designated Funds or donations to Funds are subject to federal and state statutes and regulations governing the use of funds collected by a non-profit organization qualified as an IRS 501c3 organization, including inurement of funds to private benefit.





    Dear Friends of SAWDF,


    We have experienced some monumental turns in the “water wars” in the last few years. Every mega-project to export our water elsewhere, strengthens the resolve we had in founding this organization. Every mega-project is an opportunity for rural communities to be heard when they say "enough is enough".


    The truth is, there are organizations in Central Texas whose work involves preserving our water resources and whose leaders and supporters came to realize that education and advocacy (locally, in the courts and at the Legislature) are important --- and SAWDF lends its voice.


    We also realize we need resources. We must take action to prevent the mining of our groundwater to depletion, and instead ensure the sustainability of our aquifers. Texas law says landowners own their groundwater under their land as a property right --- we must protect landowner's property rights, as the vehicle for empowering us all to steward our groundwater.

    The battle has moved into the courts with the End Op permit; End Op is currently on appeal in the Austin Court of Appeals because all landowners won an important battle in Bastrop State District Court, thanks to the efforts of three landowners who stood up for their rights. Now we must build on that result with the LCRA contested case.


    The continuing battle is also in the Texas Legislature, where growth and development "special interests" override conservation of natural resources, namely our groundwater! They know how valuable groundwater is, and they will fight for their right to suck it out from under us!

    We must advocate changes in groundwater policy to protect aquifers, rural communities and private property rights. We must avoid an erosion of the people’s voice.

    We want a seat at the table when others try to appropriate our water!


    All of this takes money, volunteers and hard work. We encourage you and your families to get involved and stay involved in these issues.


    Please contribute financially, talk to your neighbors and contact us to lend a hand.


    Thank you so much!



    The SAWDF Board


    Ernie Bogart, George Witta,Travis Brown, Michele Gangnes,

    Andy Meyer, Jeannie Jessup and Andrew Wier



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