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    Enlarge this map to see what's at stake with the Vista Ridge project!

    But we also need you to take action!

    Please be informed and get involved ~~and join with "WaterDefendersDOTorg" (waterdefenders.org), our new coalition between SAWDF and Environmental Stewardship (the guardian of the Colorado River system), in an important effort for Sustainable Water for Texas, Uniting Our Land, Our Water, and Our Community  --- we all must act during Summer 2021 to assure our aquifers, and our rivers, streams, and springs, get the protection they need for their sustainability in the face of unprecedented demands on our aquifers, by mega-export projects in the Simsboro and Carrizo Aquifers. 


    We are supporting growth elsewhere, while our communities, our land, and our waters -- both ground and surface --- are put at even greater risk than ever before. Go here for waterdefenders.org




    Whether you have a well or not, those of you who own land and groundwater over the central Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer and those of you who also seek to have resilient and healthy aquifers, that in turn support a sustainable water supply ---  a water supply that will last beyond our needs, and will supply our kids and future generations ----please stand ready to help US, help YOU during Summer 2021, when we put out Action Alerts on our NEWS blog, coupled with our GMA-12 page (which is the landing page for waterdefenders.org).  

    RIGHT NOW, CHECK OUT this informative video from SAWDF Director Andy Wier. 


    You can easily find out about Action Alerts, waterdefenders.org, legislative news, and other news items when they are added to our NEWS blog --- just sign up HERE. That will also sign you up for waterdefenders.org updates ---It's very important that the Water Defenders have your phone and email, especially this summer for the Desired Future Conditions public comment period and public hearings. 

    And please sign up directly with Environmental Stewardship, our coalition partner, here.

    Peanut the Water Dog wants your feedback!

    Feel free to contact us any time at info@simsborowaterdefensefund.org

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