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    Whether you have a well or not, those of you who own land and groundwater over the central Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer and those of you who also seek to have resilient and healthy aquifers, that in turn support  a sustainable water supply ---  a water supply that will last beyond our needs, and will supply our kids and future generations ----please stand ready to help US, help YOU, when we put out Action Alerts on our NEWS blog!

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    Our NEWS blog is under construction to add news about recent activity by several Groundwater Conservation Districts in our region --- they all belong to Groundwater Management Area 12 (GMA-12), and they have your future and the future of your water rights in their hands. Please check back soon for important updated information on the articles you see below.


    And use the Contact Us form below to tell us about water stories or water news items you would

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    First, here's a slide show we made a few years ago that will give you  information and fill you in on what's at stake at GMA-12 --- we plan to update this slide show soon, so we will alert you on the NEWS blog when that happens.

    This slide show was part of our participation in a legislative Lobby Day in 2019. Go here to see the show.

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