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Water Meeting! Sat., Feb. 23, 5 to 7 pm, Bastrop Library. Y'all come!!!

Dear Friends:

Please come to our next community water meeting on Saturday, February 23 from 5 - 7 pm at the Bastrop Library, 1100 Church Street, Bastrop, TX.

There will be DOOR PRIZES and snacks! Snacks to be provided by our favorite volunteer, Suzanne Ragan!

Check out our new 40-second video! (click here). Share it, please and invite your friends to our meeting.

Our keynote speaker is one of the top water lawyers in the state — James Murphy — with whom many of you are already familiar. He will talk about water in this critically important legislative session. If you haven’t heard James speak, you’re in for a real treat!

We will also be talking abouto the LCRA contested case and give you reports on fundraising efforts. And, we’ll watch a great video about the water grab (created by our own Andy Wier).

Plus, did we mention that there will be DOOR PRIZES?

(And, if you have something to donate for a door prize, please let Jeannie know!)

We plan on doing update meetings as often as we can, hopefully monthly --- and we view these as public meetings, so invite anyone who might be interested in pitching in. (If any meeting needs to be restricted just to landowners participating in the contested case, we will notify them only.)

Please come on out and bring your neighbors!

Updates on the water efforts:

December 19 was a landmark day – the SAWDF team of lawyers, volunteers, 41 landowner families, the Pines and Prairies Land Trust and the Circle D HOA, together with another 12 self-represented landowners were formally admitted as parties to the LCRA contested case. The SAWDF team was officially joined by 7 of those self-represented families as of February 8.

This latest mega-water permit demand on the Simsboro aquifer formation is getting a robust challenge, thanks to your support and thanks also to the past efforts made on the End Op (Recharge) permit by local landowners, SAWDF and Environmental Stewardship – we will tell you more about that at the meeting.    

We are very happy to announce two new board members at SAWDF— Jeannie Jessup and Andy Wier — who live at ground zero for the LCRA “grab”, and who have already contributed greatly to our cause.

We continue to be contacted by landowners throughout the region who are deeply concerned about the lack of tools available to landowners to protect them from water AND land grabs. Our efforts fighting against the LCRA will help you - and everyone else too.

The good news is that we’re in the midst of a legislative session that is not locked down in narrow partisan battles. But, bi-partisan cooperation can also be dangerous without ordinary citizens having the knowledge and leadership to make a difference. Come to the meeting to learn more about our ongoing efforts.

Want to give a tax-deductible donation to SAWDF today? Go online here or send us a check and thank you, so much, in advance!

PO Box 690
Elgin TX 78621

PS Happy Valentine's Day. We love you and our water!