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URGENT Alert – Let’s show the TX Legislature we need action!

Senate Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs Committee ~~ November 16

URGENT Alert – we need you at the Capitol on November 16! Please get there on your own, carpool with neighbors, or...keep reading:

Ride the bus with us to a TX Senate hearing if we get enough ridership! $10/seat Wednesday, November 16, 2022*

  • Pickup in Giddings, TX 8AM, sharp!
  • Pickup in Elgin, TX 8:30AM

Leave Austin when testimony is complete; no later than 5PM.

*Pardon the short notice, we just received notice yesterday!

The Texas Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs will hold a public hearing at 10AM on Wednesday, 11/16 to take testimony on the interim charge of:

Groundwater Management and Protection

Evaluate the status and effectiveness of the State's groundwater management process, including data used to support regional water planning and conservation goals.

Report on the effectiveness of the State's groundwater protection efforts and whether statutory changes are needed to protect groundwater quality.

SAWDF and Lee County landowners gave short but dramatic testimony at this same committee’s groundwater hearing in May. As a result, we have now been invited to provide three panelists to testify on the above topic, in more detail.


Our panelists are Andy Wier, representing SAWDF, along with Lee County well owners, Nancy McKee and Mike Orosco. They understand that they represent hundreds of landowners/well owners who are concerned about the protection of our aquifers, our water wells, and our private property rights in groundwater.


The best way to demonstrate that our panelists are not alone is by having a large crowd standing in the back of the hearing room when they testify. We’ll have a water droplet sticker for you to wear and show there is a sea of concerned citizens on this topic.


More details and talking points in a follow-up email. We need to know who’s riding the bus! It’s $10 per seat. 

We will pick up in Giddings, TX at the Walmart [Hwy 290] parking lot at 8AM. We will pick up in Elgin, TX at the Recreation Center [Hwy 95] at 8:30AM.


Bring your own water, [medication], snacks, or buy what you need at the Capitol cafeteria.

We plan to leave Austin when testimony is complete or 5PM at the latest.

Reserve your seats by midnight Sunday, 11/13 so we can order our bus. Thank you!