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LPGCD Mitigation Program up and running in January 2024

SAWDF and local newspapers notified the public earlier this month --- here is SAWDF's email notice with a link to the Program

Well Owners:

In 2023, Lost Pines GCD instituted its Groundwater Mitigation Program (GMP) for Lee and Bastrop well owners whose "domestic or livestock wells" (also called "exempt wells") are directly affected by either in-district or out-of-district production from high-capacity production wells.

The need for the Program was originally prompted by the number of Lee County domestic or livestock wells whose declines in water levels were directly related to the commencement of pumping in Burleson County (in the Post Oak GCD) by the Vista Ridge project for San Antonio. Landowner wells in other areas in the District are anticipated to be impacted in the future, so all well owners need to be informed.

SAWDF was just notified by Lee County landowner, Nancy McKee ---thank you, Nancy! ---that Lost Pines GCD has published the GROUNDWATER MITIGATION PROGRAM REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM landowners must submit to be reimbursed for their costs in remediating their "Eligible Wells" (as defined in Section 3 of the GMP).

THE FORM IS AT PAGE 16 OF THE GMP but is not actually labeled "Exhibit B" --- find the GMP, in downloadable PDF form at:

The GMP, including Exhibit B, is also attached to this email. READ THE ENTIRE PROGRAM!

The District is now in its new permanent office at 317 E, Hempstead St., Giddings 78942. District General Manager Jim Totten can be reached at 512-360-5088 or at the email below.

PLEASE NOTE Section 6. of the GMP specifies delivery of a complete Request for Reimbursement as follows:

Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District

General Manager

317 E Hempstead Street Giddings, TX 78942


Alternatively, Request Forms may be emailed to: