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Environmental Stewardship and Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund form the "Water Defenders Coalition" ~~ our first campaign: The "Desirable" Desired Future Conditions for the next 50 years!

This article was updated on June 7, 2021.


You can always find us at On June 7, we were in La Grange for a dual presentation to the Fayette County GCD. On Thursday, June 10, we will be online with the Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District at 2 p.m. for BVGCD's public hearing on GMA-12 proposed DFCs (see our NEWs blog for details).

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Please go to for updates during the public comment period on the proposed "Desired Future Conditions" going on during Summer 2021 in the five groundwater conservation districts in GMA-12 ~~public comment currently ends on July 26, 2021, but any district may extend that period.

These groundwater conservation districts will be scheduling hearings on the proposed DFCs you need to know about, too!  

[The page has been recently updated as of June 7, 2021. Please note, if your browser takes you to the SAWDF HOME page when you try to go to, just click on SAWDF's GMA-12 page and you'll find the coalition's landing page.]

We will provide the background information you need about the DFC process and the policy behind it, as well as information on public hearings in the five groundwater districts in GMA-12. Your comments on the proposed GMA-12 DFCs can be submitted at the district hearings, or by mail or email. 

You don't have to live in a particular district to offer comments to that district --- this is an important point:  we want all of the districts in GMA-12 to know that, collectively, they have proposed Desired Future Conditions that unreasonably and impermissibly impact our aquifers, private property rights, domestic and livestock wells, and river systems. Each district should vote to reject the proposed DFCs and instead work to establish DFC that properly balance the impacts of the DFCs among the various interests that Texas water law requires them to consider.  They have not done this, instead they have preferred one interest --- the big pumpers --- over all others