• The 2021 Legislative Session will be here before you know it and Water Legislation is expected, once again, to be front and center

    This is the page for information on legislative actions, pending legislation and actions SAWDF is taking to intervene on water legislation affecting the central Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, including our beloved Simsboro, and our local communities. We are "in-between" legislative sessions during 2020 but this interim period is as important as the legislative session itself. Please sign up for our emails on our HOME page so we can be in contact with you!



    SAWDF was represented at a Joint Hearing of the Senate Water and Rural Affairs Committee (Chairman Charles Perry) and Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee

    (Chairman Brian Birdwell) earlier in 2020.

    The subjects of the "interim" hearing (that is, "occurring between regular legislative sessions") were Future Water Supply and Groundwater Regulatory Framework.


    Go to SAWDF's Facebook page here to see SAWDF's and some of its supporters' testimony ~~ and stay tuned for another important opportunity in Spring 2020 to support rural communities and their water supply at the Legislature.



    We will provide links to information on interim hearings, and also on pending water and other bills of interest during the 2021 legislative session. We'll give you information on what you can do to help. Again, please sign up for our emails on our HOME page and then

    watch for emails from info@ simsborowaterdefensefund.org or action@simsborowaterdefensefund.org --- make sure you have your email set to receive our messages.


    See the text of our proposed Sustainable Groundwater Development Act and our "Get LCRA Out of Groundwater" legislation, both below on our Good Bills/Bad Bills section of this Page ---

    no legislator would file these critically important bills for our communities in the 2019 legislative session but we're not going away when it comes to fighting for sustainable aquifers!

    Go here and select any Committee Hearing you want to see live on the day of the hearing if you can't get to the hearing. Remember! You can always make calls to legislators from your home or office if you can't go to the hearing. Phones lighting up is a good thing -- we will give instructions for doing that!

    Go here for lots of FAQ's that give you useful information about legislation and the Capitol.

    Parking is available at the Capitol Visitor's Parking Garage, 1201 San Antonio St. --- go here for more parking info

    Go here to see SAWDF's slideshow "The Siege on the Simsboro --- A Cautionary Tale", prepared for Lobby Day in 2019 as an introduction to Jim Murphy's Sustainable Groundwater Development Act

  • Action Alerts

    Action Alerts for Legislation 2020-2021 will appear here.

    Here's a sample from the 2019 Legislative Session when SAWDF supporters were instrumental in convincing the Governor to VETO House Bill 1806, followed by our 2019 Legislative Session archive.

    Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham)

    THIS IS A NEW VETO ALERT ON HB 1806 ~~ our final Action Alert of the 2019 Legislative Session ---which adjourned May 27. This is important unfinished business, please read on:


    June 4 update --- there's still time to call, the Governor has not signed or vetoed ---please call him if you haven't already. See the NEWS blog for additional details on this bill ---


    All you have to do is call the Governor's office ---512.463.2000 and say "Please veto HB 1806, Governor Abbott!"


    And please go to the NEWS page or the HOME page and sign up for our email list --- we will automatically subscribe you to receive notice of all our NEWS items.


    Action Alerts--Take Action Suggestions! -- thank you to those who have been calling.

    SAWDF is trying to make sense of what has happened at the Legislature on water...it boils down to the only "property rights" in groundwater that legislators view as important are the rights of those who sell their water--- or want to sell their water. And if a legislator DOES disagree with this model, they don't seem able to stand up and express that disagreement. Hopefully, we will change that mindset over the interim before the next session ---if you want to help, send us a message at info@simsborowaterdefensefund.org



    2019 Legislative Session Archives

    We had a great turnout on the LCRA SUNSET bill at the Senate Water & Rural Affairs Committee--- did they listen? They listened hard enough to realize they didn't want to hear from us again when the Sunset Bill came over to the House later in April -- they shut us down and would not let us tell our story in the House Natural Resources Committee.


    Our first Action Alert this session --thank you to those who called on this by March 8 filing deadline. 

    The "Sustainable Groundwater Development Act" was not filed -- thanks to all who responded to our Action Alert; we are leaving this up to refer you to the bills we want to keep alive later in the session

    We tried to get legislators to file our comprehensive reform bill drafted by San Antonio attorney James Lee Murphy (see SAWDF's Fact Sheet on the bill and the bill's text here), to assure the future sustainability of our groundwater resources in our State. We haven't given up! We have already proposed an amendment to another bill to pick up parts of the SGDA.

    SAWDF took action behind the scenes

    We supported legislation to "Get LCRA Out of Groundwater" 

    No legislator was willing to prevent the Lower Colorado River Authority from exploiting our groundwater resources and the Colorado River ~ see the text of the bill we supported here.

    We haven't given up on this bill either --- this is what the Monday, March 25 hearing at Senate Water and Rural Affairs was all about, and as of April 1, we are concentrating on how to get this bill, and parts of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act brought to the attention of the Legislature and amended on to other bills.

  • Good Bills/Bad Bills

    Bills to watch -- and text of bills and other info you might not see anywhere else!

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