• The 2021 Legislative Session is here, anything can happen--- and is happening ---- on any front.


    We are focused on Water Legislation --- we can't afford to go to sleep on this issue, no matter how many other pressing issues are pending. We have learned that distracted legislators can let their guard down on legislation that doesn't seem to be on fire.



    We have updated our information on how you may participate in the HOUSE legislative session from home --although we never want to discourage you from attending hearings in person. If you aren't in a position to offer written comments, we will point you to how you may simply register your support or opposition to a bill during the hearing on that bill in any HOUSE committee, and also how to make written comments prior to the hearing.


    The Senate procedures for public participation in Committee hearings are different -- we will give you that information, too.


    We may need your action before they gavel in on Tuesdays in the House Natural Resources Committee, where water bills are generally heard. The Senate Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meets on Monday, so please check our NEWS blog on Fridays where we will post any Action Alerts for the following week.

    It's possible we will need to alert you by email only, when an important House bill is going to the House or Senate floor, or vice versa.


    Please sign up on our email subscription list on the HOME page, to receive those and other email bulletins.

    Here are the procedures for public input to the Texas House:



    For those persons who will be testifying in person (always encouraged!), information for in-person witness registration can be found here:


    Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments related to agenda items on this notice without testifying in person can do so until the hearing is adjourned by visiting: https://comments.house.texas.gov/home?c=c390 (but please don't wait til the meeting convenes to send your comments ~~ the committee might take action on an important bill at the hearing without your input)


    When you submit comments in person or in written form, lead off with a statement that you are FOR or AGAINST HB XXXX --- if you are "neutral" on the legislation, but want to raise important points, questions or criticisms of the bill, say that you are testifying "ON" the bill.


    If for some reason you are unable to submit written comments, please call the offices of MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE NATURAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE:



    CHAIR: Tracy O. King
    Committee clerk- Sam Bacarisse
    (512) 463-0194

    Vice-Chair: HARRIS, Cody
    Legislative director- Scott Gilfillan
    (512) 463-0730

    BOWERS, Rhetta
    Legislative aide- Ariana Noshari
    (512) 463-0464

    KACAL, Kyle
    Legislative director- Ben Utley
    (512) 463-0412

    LARSON, Lyle
    Legislative director/scheduler- Caroline Cone
    (512) 463-0646

    LUCIO, Eddie III
    Legislative director- McKenna Martinez
    (512) 463-0606

    PAUL, Dennis
    Legislative director- Kathy Haigler
    (512) 463-0734

    PRICE, Four

    Legislative director- Sandra Talton
    (512) 463-0470

    RAMOS, Ana-Maria
    Legislative director- Lawrence Zamarron
    (512) 463-0454

    WALLE, Armando
    Legislative director- Rachel Pearl Piotrzkowski
    (512) 463-0924

    WILSON, Terry
    Legislative director- Jane Metcalf
    (512) 463-0309
















    Go here and select any Committee Hearing you want to see live on the day of the hearing if you can't get to the hearing. Remember! You can always make calls to legislators from your home or office if you can't go to the hearing. Phones lighting up is a good thing -- we will give instructions for doing that!

    Go here for lots of FAQ's that give you useful information about legislation and the Capitol.

    Parking is available at the Capitol Visitor's Parking Garage, 1201 San Antonio St. --- go here for more parking info

    Go here to see SAWDF's slideshow "The Siege on the Simsboro --- A Cautionary Tale", prepared for Lobby Day in 2019 as an introduction to Jim Murphy's Sustainable Groundwater Development Act

  • Action Alerts

    ACTION ALERT FOR TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 8.A.M.  (that means they need to hear from you before the hearing starts to maximize your impact on the hearing itself)

    Go to our NEWS page for what you can do.

  • Good Bills/Bad Bills

    Bills to watch -- and text of bills and other info you might not see anywhere else!